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Project management



Filming - C300, FS7...

Editing - FCPX

Compositing - AE



1967 Born in Abidjan
1974 Back in France
1989 Audiovisual Communication DEUST, Paris X Nanterre
1990 First corporate movies
1991 Rediscover the world: Europe, Americas, Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Oceania, ...
1994 Start working with Betacam SP
October 26,
1995 His first Mac: a Performa 6200, 75 MHz!
1996 On his way to the on line editing (Media 100). Began working for TV
May 11,
2006 his documentary The Prophecy of Piatsaw is broadcasted on Arte. Happy!

2011 First works in West Africa
2010 A first DSLR in his hands: waw! M
asterclass Robert Mc Kee, storytelling #1
2014 Began working for Canal+ Africa

2015 Masterclass Christopher Vogler, storytelling #2



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