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More Human
TV ad for Orange Niger
Orange Niger
4 years in the country
In némi horo, in tabbata
Presentation of an agricultural integration project in Niger
Orange Niger Foundation
Actions in education, health and solidarity

I make several reports or movies for Media Audiovisual Service (MSA), a production company from Niger.

I was editorial director during the FIMA (fashion festival) in 2011 and 2013.

We produce about 80 reports for All was webcast during the festivals.

I also work for Galaxie Africa. I have made movies for Vivendi (Benin, Cameroon),

for the Tunisian government (Tunisia 2020) and for CFAO (Ivory Coast).

Tunisia 2020
Promotional clip for an international conference
CFAO Motors
Promotional clip for the mobility division of CFAO in Ivory Coast
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