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Bartolo de la Mancha
Trailer: an Amazonian indigenous leader in the French countryside
The key of Portola
Trailer: the life of the last Spanish conquistador, who discovered California, through the eyes of his descendant
Souvenirs Souvenirs
Launch party of the book "Souvenirs Souvenirs" in Paris
Illogical myth
Portrait of Cédric Galopin, french artist, for his new collection
Trailer: the story of Georges, a former top manager of luxury restaurants who is now homeless in Paris
Broken Bagdad
The impact of the US embargo in Irak
The Prophecy of Piatsaw
The quest for identity of an Indian woman in the Amazon rainforest
Billboard project for a sports federation



Broadcasting Arte (France/Germany)

Screenings Unesco, Maison de l'Amérique Latine, Quai Branly museum
Festival selections Fipatel (Biarritz - 2006) - Encuentro Del Otro Cine (Quito - 2007) - El Ojo Cojo (Madrid - 2007) - Festival du Cinéma Péruvien (Paris - 2007) - Filmar En America Latina (Geneva - 2007) - Humanity Explored (San Francisco - 2013)

Sahrawi refugees
The situation of the Saharawi people, near Algeria
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